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From Document to PDF

PRD Converter is a document conversion software created by GIRDAC InfoTechnologies. The software is mainly used for business and productivity purposes. It enables users to turn their documents into an encrypted PDF file.

Vast Conversion Tools and Features

PDF Converter is built with several functions for managing document files. The software can create new PDF files, change their properties. convert existing document files, and viewing PDF files. Converting document file from their original format is done to reduce their file size. Users can either add or delete passwords for security purposes. They can also add attributes such as bookmarks and watermarks. The software allows direct editing of PDF files. It can add, delete or rotate individual pages. Any touch screen displays are supported by this software. This software can identify touch screen gestures for commands like zooming, rotation and going to other pages. It also works very well with 115 user interface languages to accommodate all users. The software also converts PDF files into other file formats. It can turn PDF files into Excel Spreadsheets, offline HTML pages, Image files, PostScript page reading language, ISO-standardized PDF/A files, Word Documents and other printable files. Users are provided with 6 Layers of options for their PDF files. It has Continuous, Flowing, Formatted text, Images, Plain text, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Flowing retains the file format of PDF files. Continuous acquires the file format while including the page break. Formatted Text retains the text while removing any image. Plain Text only takes the text without the format. Text Box extracts all contents from the selected text box. The Images feature only copies the pictures from the PDF file. OCR extracts everything from scanned PDF files. The software includes single-screen conversion interface, right-click conversion, partial conversion, document shortcuts, and colored interface.

Two-Way Conversion

PRD Converter is a helpful tool for users who manage a lot of document files. It can turn printable files into a very secure PDF file. Users can define the attributes of their PDF files with the software’s extensive features.

PDF Converter allows viewing, managing and converting PDF files.

GIRDAC PDF Converter is a software application for opening and viewing, managing and converting PDF documents. It can modify PDF properties, reduce files size, add password, remove password, add bookmarks, add watermark, merge PDFs, and split PDF. It converts PDF to Word .DOC, DOCX, .XML and .RTF file formats, Excel, HTML, Image, PostScript, and creates PDF from 300 Windows applications. It converts scanned PDF file though OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

PDF converter has editing PDF Properties, removing password if password in known, adding bookmarks through templates are special features. It shows PDF management and conversion reports. It supports 70 user interface laguages. It runs on Microsoft's latest operating systems Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. It supports Microsoft's latest Office 2013 Preview.

PDF Converter is useful for any one handling PDF files extensively. It is useful for home users, professionals, and businesses handling PDF documents.


  • Supports standard document file formats
  • Compatible with spreadsheets, images, web pages and other printable files
  • PDF file editing


  • Some images from PDF files might be in grayscale
  • Does pick the PDF file’s images and shapes
  • Does not support non-standard fonts, images, and encrypted text
  • May not convert large spreadsheets properly

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